Social Media
Direction, design and oversight of EDGEtv’s social media, @edgetvnetwork, to coordinate and optimize campaigns, insights and outreach, as well as to assist with supporting and protecting EDGEtv’s brand and reputation.
Digital & Print
Coordinated and collaborated with members of marketing and sales to design and produce collateral materials for web and print, including: zines, brochures, standees, posters, one-sheets, invitations, logos, newsletters, and direct mail pieces.
Working with sales and marketing to develop a narrative and storyboard for presentations. Selecting visuals and designs to tell a simple and organized visual based story, emphasizing consistent visual direction on the behalf of EDGEtv brand.
Sample slides from Sponsorship Deck. Created using PowerPoint and designed for easy on the fly updates.
Sample slides from Investor Deck. Created using PowerPoint and designed for easy on the fly updates.
Web & Mobile
I created a full featured WordPress website,, with custom designed theme. Maintained the site with daily updates of content and graphics. As well as, ensuring site follows web standards, compatible with browsers and platforms, optimized for search engines and free of any errors. I worked closely with the mobile product team to design and develop intuitive, usable, and engaging interactions and visual designs for EDGEtv’s mobile app across multiple platforms such as iOS and Android.